World Trade Centre Kuala Lumpur

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Getting to WTCKL

WTCKL is within easy walking distance of a mall, restaurants and entertainment centres. It is situated next to KL’s Golden Triangle, and only 45 minutes from the Kuala Lumpur International Airport.


Public Transportation

Star LRT
Take the Star LRT, stop at the PWTC station. The centre is within walking distance from the PWTC Star LRT station.
Putra Line
Take the Putra Line, stop at the Masjid Jamek Station and take the STAR LRT to the PWTC Station.
KTM Commuter
Take the KTM Commuter line and stop at Putra Station. WTC KL is within walking distance from the station .
KL Monorail
Take the Monorail line, stop at Titiwangsa Station. Change to STAR LRT line from Titiwangsa Station to PWTC Station.

Car Park Area

World Trade Centre Kuala Lumpur (WTC KL) has ample parking space within the centre itself and in areas surrounding the centre. WTC KL’s parking capacity and the parking capacity of the surrounding areas are as follows:
Location Parking bays
750 bays
Sunway Putra Place
1,300 bays
Time Rates
First hour
Subsequent hour
RM2.00 per hour
After 6:00 pm
RM5.00 per entry
Plaza Level 4
RM10.00 per entry
*For motorcycle
RM2.00 per entry

– 10% charge if you use Touch and Go.
– Rate is the same for both weekdays and weekends.

– For a seamless, cashless and ticket-free parking experience customers can choose to pay using their Touch ‘n Go, Visa or Mastercard.
– A minimum balance of RM20.00 is required for Touch ‘n Go users


Once you’ve reached WTCKL, finding a place to stay is a breeze. WTCKL is located in the Golden Triangle, known as the PUTRA Golden Triangle. With over 1 thousand rooms available all around WTCKL, you will not have to worry about your accommodation. Some of the hotels located around WTCKL are as follows:-

Hotels around WTC KL

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